Visiting Artist Kevin Everson: Conversing on Art and Context

Combining fine arts with filmmaking, how does that work? For all of you interested in learning the tricks of the trade, we suggest you pay a visit to our LdM Auditorium on Friday April 4, as we are very pleased to announce the upcoming seminar and open forum with internationally acclaimed artist Kevin Jerome Everson, entitled ‘Conversing on Art and Context’.

In conversation with our own professor in Creative Arts, Justin Thompson, Everson will first screen a series of film shorts and speak to the fundamentals of an aggressive studio practice. Everson himself is a sculptor and the objects he sculpts often become props in his own films.
Instead of standard realism, Everson favors a strategy that abstracts everyday actions and statements into theatrical gestures, in which archival footage is re-edited or re-staged, real people perform fictional scenarios based on their own lives and historical observations intermesh with contemporary narratives.

When: Friday, April 4, 2014 @ 3 PM
Where: Via Faenza 43, Florence

Free admission