... seen through the eyes of the future

Show opening: Friday, May 10th, 6PM to 8PM
Closing: Thursday, May 16th, 7PM
LdM Gallery, via dei Pucci 4, Florence

Through the imaginative and singular perspective of LdM fashion designers, VISIONS showcases the diverse approach to the creative solution addressing a broad range of consumers. The genesis of the individual point of view grew from the designer’s interaction, sensibility and aesthetic sensitivity to the world-at-large resulting from an inspirational source or brand’s DNA.

VISIONS explores a wide variety of illustrations, clothing, digital printing and experimental designs through the eyes of the future of the fashion industry. This exhibit examines the personal growth and conceptual development of each designers journey through the design process while fostering a dialogue between the individual and the final product for a target market or, simply for materials exploration.

Visions Fashion and design exhibition at LdM Gallery

The exhibition VISIONS will run from Friday, May 10th to Thursday, May 16th.
After the launch, the LdM Gallery is open weekly from Tuesday to Thursday, 5-7 PM.

Opening night will include a free aperitivo

During LdM Gallery Art is in the Square event on Saturday, May 11th, the exhibition will be open to the public from 11 AM to 5 PM.