“Tre corone postmoderne”: A conference on Postmodernism at LdM Tuscania

Jan 16 – The event seeks to involve locals as well as LdM Tuscania as a school and all others interested in the subject

What is Postmodernism? At first this might seem a question quite easy to answer, but when diving a little deeper into the world of research around the subject you will soon find out that in the last couple of decades scholars haven’t yet been able to agree on the definition of this relatively new term in the arts.

Scholars from different nationalities, formations, generations and disciplines for example continue to disagree on the start (and end) of this cultural-artistic movement. Some say the term has been used since the 1930s in the architectural world. Others on the other hand are convinced it started in literature after WOII, while yet others state that only after the 1970s we can speak of Postmodernism. Some say that Postmodernism ended after the attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11 in New York, while different voices say it has continued well beyond this date and that it includes for example a new current of young avant-pop writers.

Presented during this conference will be the works of three Italian writers, all from different backgrounds and different time periods: Landolfi, Manganelli and Tabucchi, who according to the conference participants were particularly fond of experimenting with different forms of expression and of the variety of styles and languages.

When –> Friday, January 16 from 10 AM onwards

Where –> Sala conferenze ex-chiesa Santa Croce piazza Basile, Tuscania

The conference will be held in the Italian language and the proceedings of the conference will be published simultaneously with the conference by publisher Salvatore Sciascia Editore.


(in Italian)

10:00 Presiede: Franco Zangrilli

Saluti: Carla e Fabrizio Guarducci – Direttore Generale e Presidente dell’Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici

• Tommaso Pincio (Scrittore, Italia)

Considerazioni brevi e personali su Landolfi

• Eny Di Iorio (Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici, Italia)

L’io narrante del Dialogo dei massimi sistemi

• Belén Hernández González (Universidad de Murcia, Spagna)

Quando Landolfi racconta la provincia

• Istvan Puskas (Università di Debreceni Egyetem Olasz Tanzék, Ungheria)

I corpi di Landolfi

• Alessandro Gaudio (Università della Calabria, Italia)

Peso e patologia nella poesia di Landolfi

• Sebastiano Triulzi (Giornalista, “La Repubblica”, Italia)

Manganelli e l’irraggiungibile sublime della variazione

15:00 Presiede: Eny Di Iorio

• Domenica Cicala (Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Austria)

Manganelli e l’inganno della narrazione

• Salvatore Presti (Università di Palermo)

Influssi bernhardiani nella scrittura di Manganelli

• Andrea Santurbano (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasile)

Morte e linguaggio in Manganelli

• Letizia D’Angelo (Scrittrice, Italia)

Antonio Tabucchi e la contaminazione

• Claudia Polsinelli (Scrittrice, Italia)

La valigia nei viaggi di Antonio Tabucchi

• Franco Zangrilli (City University of New York, USA)

Tabucchi e il tutto è poco