The Art is in the Streets 2013

2013 edition featured some 100-student artworks

Florence’s Via Faenza became an open-air gallery on May 11, 2013 for the seventh annual The Art is in the Streets event, organized by the Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) Institute.
Some 100 student artworks were showcased all day along the bustling street in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, giving both judges and passersby the chance to view the works made by LdM students during their time spent studying in Florence. The works on display included paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, mosaics, photographs, mix media, interior design, graphic design, architecture and jewelry. All of the artworks on show belonged to nine sections and were reviewed by a committee of experts and professionals composed of Geneva Brands (Editorial Editions of Management Center and creator of Visit Art) for the paintings and drawings; John Werich (photography and interior design) for photography; Gino Francini (Alta Communications) for graphic design; Teresa Barden (Barden Jewelry) for the jewelry; Franco Carras (Studio Lux by Area) for interior design.
Offering more than just art, the annual event also featured a dance performance at 3pm in LdM's Church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini, featuring students from LdM’s Ballet, Flamenco and Jazz courses. Afterwards, at 4:30pm, the awards ceremony was held and shortly thereafter students got their groove on in the streets to the music of Pink Radio for the Dancing in the Streets event.
The evening concluded at 7:15pm with the much-anticipated student fashion show in the church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini and along the street itself.
The Art is in the Streets is organized by the LdM Institute, in collaboration with the Department of History of Art and Performing Arts, the University of Florence, Marist College in New York and the City of Florence.

2013 Winners – The Art is in the Streets

In the category: Architecture
Creativity Prize: Pamela Behnsen
Title: Piazza del Carmine
Course: Public Space Design by Prof. Margherita Bagiacchi

Technical Skill Prize: Alejandro Carpio
Title: Piazza del Carmine – Landscape Proposal
Course: Public Space Design by Prof. Margherita Bagiacchi

In the category: Design
Creativity Prize: Paulina Garza Martinez
Title: Mi Mapa
Course: Advanced Conceptual Drawing by Prof. Rossana Pinero

Technical Skill Prize: Mary Gordon
Title: A Sabine Moment
Course: Florence Sketchbook by Prof. Rossana Pinero

In the category: Graphic Design
Creativity Prize: Imara Chew
Title: Blood Donation Poster
Course: Publishing Design by Prof. Paolo Ghielmetti

Technical Skill Prize: Kimberly Nguyen
Title: Give Blood Ad
Course: Publishing Design by Prof. Paolo Ghielmetti

In the category: Interior Design
Creativity Prize: Morgan Moore
Title: Urban Fresh
Course: Product Design by Prof. Andrea Parigi

Technical Skill Prize: Mariana Narvaez
Title: Folding Shop
Course: Concepts and Strategies for Design by Prof. Giuseppe Bartolini

In the category: Jewelry
Technical Skill Prize: Michelle Bendit
Title: Antiquity & Modernity
Course: Jewelry Making I by Prof. Laura Polsinelli

Creativity Prize: Linnèa Maselli
Title: City View
Course: Jewelry Making II by Prof. Federico Vianello

In the category: Photography
Creativity Prize: Cody Furness
Title: La Giostra
Course: Introduction to Classic Photography by Prof. Gianluca Maver

Technical Skill Prize: Sasha Netchaev
Title: Adolescence Chasing Time
Course: Fashion Photography by Prof. Francesco Sammicheli

In the category: Etching
Creativity Prize: Alexandra Reiman
Title: Chi non risica, non rosica
Course: Basic Printmaking by Prof. Lucy Jochamowitz

Technical Skill Prize: Juan Felipe Lopez H.
Title: Sogno 19 di Ottobre 2012
Course: Etching by Prof. Lucy Jochamowitz

In the category: Painting
Technical Skill Prize: Margaret Koenig
Title: Imago
Course: Advanced Painting: Observation and Interpretation by Prof. Rossana Pinero

Creativity Prize: Antonio Bever
Title: YAB
Course: Intermediate Painting by Prof. Rossana Pinero

In the category: Sculpture, Mosaic, Mixed Media
Creativity Prize: Ash Conrad
Title: Teeth
Course: Ceramics by Prof. Isabella Fazzo

Technical Skill Prize: Sarah Kang
Title: Raku Envelope Box
Course: Ceramics by Prof. Isabella Fazzo