Museum and Languages

Experimenting Language Exhibitions

Workshop, LdM Florence
9 - 10 February 2017

Monuments, landscaped and borders are symbolic containers of identity and landmarks of a nation’s culture that are physical representations of its past, but what about a less tangible aspect of cultural heritage, such as language?
The fabric of Europe is made-up of many voices that define identity, and are yet the result of complex processes and identity negotiations which are in constant flux. The languages of Europe are dynamically displaced across the continent, but the question is, how do we understand and exhibit this?

This workshop is designed to facilitate the discussion of a prospective museum of European voices, possibly taking the form of an itinerant museum, web portal and /or most promisingly, a ‘museo diffuso’.
Bringing together innovative museum professionals from all over the world to discuss their experience and ideas in the creation and projection of language exhibitions and museums, will develop an international cooperation where all can benefit from the discussions.

The goals of the proposed language museum: disseminate research and knowledge, encourage active participation, involve the public to contribute their own linguistic heritage and literary cultures, and to create innovative devices exhibit and store materials and data.

This workshop is open to the public and is organized by the Marist-LdM MA in Museum Studies program and Sapienza, Università degli Studi di Roma.
All discussions will be held in the LdM Florence Auditorium, Church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbonlini, via Faenza 43, from Thursday February 9th until Friday February 10th.

Please find the complete program here.
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