May 10: The Art is in the Streets returns to the streets of San Lorenzo!

Once again the streets in the San Lorenzo neighborhood will become a crossroads of ideas, creativity and culture during the 8th edition of LdM’s annual Spring event
“The Art is in the Streets”: a lively open air event to encourage exchange and debate between the residents and shopkeepers of the area and the students of LdM!

The annual event offers three different presentations to the public: an art exhibition, a dance performance, and a fashion show. Each of these was created around one theme, "Dreams", which was meant to stimulate a deeper awareness of ourselves and our society, and to give students the possibility to translate and project their desires and aspirations through artistic expression.

Schedule of the Day:
11 AM – 6.30 PM – Art Exhibition in Via Faenza
3:30 PM – Dance performance inside the San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini church in via Faenza 43
8 PM – Fashion show on the steps of the San Lorenzo Basilica

Come and celebrate art, fashion and dance with LdM in the lively streets of San Lorenzo!