IMPRESSIONS - 33 years of printmaking at LdM

Show opening: Wednesday, October 30th, 5:30PM to 8:00PM
Closing: Thursday, November 14th, 7:30PM
LdM Gallery, via dei Pucci 4, Florence

‘IMPRESSIONS, 33 years of printmaking at LdM’ is a selection of works if chalcography and woodcut, created by former LdM students during 33 years of printmaking courses in Florence.

Impressions is a tribute to artists of various ages, who came from all over the world and worked with dedication and passion to master this ancient and yet very contemporary technique, applying it to their own artistic view. Lucy Jochamowitz, LdM Printmaking Professor

Featuring the works of Kari Akaka, Anthony Anzalone, Apoorva Baranwal, Sofia Berg, Ana Berrón, Pamela Carmona, Anna Karin Cederus, Justin Falzon, Kathryn Godoy, Haley Haydn, Iris Hu, Bettina Hutschek, Teresa Jarzynsky, James Keogh, Blake La Rocca, Alexis Manes, Katherine Merkel, Rosa Miranda, Fernanda Prado, Michaela Ross, Mary Røysamb, Andrea Ruano, Erica Shuttleworth, Snorri Þórðarson, Moisés Salazar.

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The exhibition IMPRESSIONS will run from Wednesday, October 30th to Thursday, November 14th.
After the launch, the LdM Gallery is open weekly from Tuesday to Thursday, 5:30-7:30 PM.

Opening night will include a free aperitivo.