Show opening: Tuesday, December 3rd, 5:30PM to 8:00PM
Closing: Thursday, December 12th, 7:30PM
LdM Gallery, via dei Pucci 4, Florence

Imago originates from an open call launched at the beginning of Fall 2019 Semester to all the LdM Photography students. The best photographs have been selected based on the quality of the image, the creative process and the originality of the idea.

From landscapes to food and fashion photography, exploring the worlds of digital, classic and fine art, Imago visually represents the connection between the photographers and their experiences during their time in Florence. Through their artworks, students condensed fragments of their life within the imaginary space of a photograph; landscapes, food styling, portraits and photomontages provide glimpses on personal, contemporary tales.

The exhibition Imago offers all LdM students and faculty members an opportunity to look at the outcomes of the Photography department, in the form of student artworks that have been selected for their technical excellence and expressive power. It also encourages Photography students to reflect on their personal and professional growth throughout the semester, while giving them an opportunity to showcase their abilities at the LdM Gallery, in the very heart of Florence.


Featuring student work from the following courses: 


Intro to Classic Photography, which covers the practice of 35mm black and white analog photography. The course explores darkroom printing techniques and processes, focusing on theme work and the development of a portfolio;

Introduction to Digital Photography, which provides the foundations of theory and practice in digital photography and photo editing. It examines techniques and processes to develop abilities related to effective visual communication;

Fundamentals of food design, styling and photography, a course that explores the basics of food styling, photography and control of artificial lighting to achieve creative effects in a photography studio environment;

Principles of Fashion Photography, an introduction to digital photography, with a focus on the essentials of fashion photography. Students learn creative digital and classic photography skills and techniques for fashion applications

The exhibition IMAGO will run from Tuesday, December 3rd to Thursday, December 12th.
After the launch, the LdM Gallery is open weekly from Tuesday to Thursday, 5:30-7:30 PM.

Opening night will include a free aperitivo.