LdM Rome – Gianluca Puzzo: “In depth” poems reading – April 14

How can modern poetry survive in an era of economic and social crisis? How does she keep talking to our souls? For all of you interested in learning about the new ways of modern Italian poetry, we are very pleased to announce the upcoming open reading with Italian poet and writer Gianluca Puzzo, entitled “In depth”

In the reading, Puzzo will recite the poems from “In depth”, his first anthology translated into English. Gianluca Puzzo is an Italian poet who has been actively writing since 2001. With sparse, direct and powerful poetry, "In depth" contains some of the best examples of this poet, that are able to expand the sensitivity of the reader through the story of his personal suffering, having been oppressed and squeezed into a dimension where he does not belong and in a world where he does not recognize himself. The poems explore feelings and moods without borders, stimulating the reader to recognize thoughts and moments of their own lives.

When: Monday, April 14 @ 3 PM
Where: Via XX Settembre 4, Rome

Free admission