“Florence Fights Hunger” with our LdM Event Planning class & Oxfam Italia

Taking place in the monumental Mercato Centrale, the event has as its main goal to make participants aware of the ever present issue of hunger in the world

Eat Local – Eat Seasonal – No Waste! The upcoming #florencefightshunger event organized by our LdM Event Planning students at the Mercato Centrale in Florence promises to be an enriching experience for both the body and the mind.

This unique opportunity to collaborate with Oxfam and the Mercato Centrale has provided our students with the professional know-how that is required when pursuing a career in event planning.

Introducing several activities focused on the theme of hunger, the event starts with a cooking experience in the Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici, featuring LdM Chefs and various local foods & recipes. After this tasty introduction, the event moves upstairs to the balcony of the Mercato Centrale where an eye-opening hunger banquet is organized, aiming to broaden our horizons when it comes to understanding the limited availability of food in the world.

Served during this hunger banquet are three menus: lasagna for the upper class, pappa al pomodoro for the middle class and polenta for the lower class.

To make the event accessible to both LdM students and the local Florentine community, it has been divided into two 1-hour cycles: one in English and one in Italian.


17:30-17:50 Cooking Experience

17:55- 18:30 Hunger Banquet on the Balcony


18:30-18:50 Cooking Experience

18:55-19:30 Hunger Banquet on the Balcony

To participate, please RSVP to [email protected] The event is open to the LdM

community and to the general public.

When –> Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 5:30pm

Where –> Mercato Centrale, Florence