Fall 2017 student clubs, activities and volunteering
at LdM Florence

The Student Services Office strives to get the students really immersed and involved in the LdM and local community.

Depending on the season and upcoming events around the city, each semester we aim to offer new clubs and activities. Throughout the year, we ask for students’ feedback and input on how we can improve our extracurricular services. After collecting students’ feedback from the previous semesters, we decided to offer this fall Beading and Jewelry Making Club (which has been a surprising hit!) and Board Game Club, along with our long list of popular clubs, such as soccer and ceramics (just to name a few).

At the beginning of this semester, when the weather was warmer, we made sure to offer many nature hikes and even yoga in the park, while in December we are looking forward to going to the annual German Christmas Market in the Santa Croce square. From learning how to create Italian latte art to attending a dance performance in the magnificent Uffizi Gallery, so far Fall 2017 has been full of new and exciting events and activities! Check out some photos on our Facebook page.

All of the clubs, activities and volunteer opportunities that we offer help students explore Florentine and Italian culture in an authentic way, taking into consideration the students’ interests. Whether it be a trip to the opera or a guided tour of a museum, the goal is always to help the students to get to know the city, community and history in a fun in-depth way.

For any questions or feedback about LdM Clubs, Activities or Volunteering, students are welcome to stop by the Student Services Office, or write an email to:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]