Domestic Soundscapes, Mapping Open Soundscapes & Sonus Loci

After several workshops, the departments of Interior, Architecture and Photography unite for the final event

      “A nonstop motion and shuffling of chefs cutting meat, the clanging ofplates, and the constant cash registers opening and closing.”

This is how LdM Interior Design blogger Petia Stoykova describes the soundwalk she went on with architect Antonella Radicchi at the San Lorenzo Central Market, as part of the Domestic Soundscapes project.

The recordings (sounds, pictures, comments and interviews) made by Petia and the other Interior & Architecture students will come together in the creation of a map that will emphasize the significance of sound in a domestic environment. Besides this sound map, there will also be the presentation of the works of the Photography students who participated in the Sonus Loci project. Through pictures and sounds they've tried to find an answer to the question posed by artist Elisabetta Senesi and LdM Prof. Gianluca Maver:

           “How does a photograph react to a pre-recorded sound/noise and what additional stimuli can we extract about the experience of a place?”

Together with the outcome of the Mapping Open Soundscapes project, the results of the different workshops will be presented in one joint sound exhibition.

The data collected during the workshops will also be uploaded on the Firenze Sound Map and then shared with the Open Data System of the Municipality of Florence.

When: Friday, November 28 from 6 – 8 PM
Where: Auditorium San Jacopo, via Faenza 43, Florence