Celebrating 40 Years of Experience in Higher Education

The Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute was founded in 1973 for the teaching of Italian language and art to students of all ages and nationalities; as international education has evolved, the Institute has expanded and strengthened its choices. For instance, the cuisine courses– among the first in Italy – created for pure diversion, became over time academic courses. The experience of LdM has been such as to lead many international universities to send their students directly to our Institute, recognize their courses, and maintain their ties with us.
Thanks to the internationalism of the Institute, students from all over the world can meet each other.

Over time we have come to offer over four hundred academic courses. But we have not rested on our laurels, and we continue to create departments and courses that keep up with our dynamic times, for instance the Department of Anthropology which studies changes in society and offers practical ideas for cultural valorization. Within this department came the idea for a book series dedicated to language and its application in various sectors. The first book, written by the President and founder of the Institute, Fabrizio Guarducci, is entitled The rediscovered word: change in society through language (La parola ritrovata. Ricostruire l’uomo attraverso il linguaggio, Rubbettino Editore 2013). The text, which draws upon many studies of language in society, proposes abandoning the toxic elements of today’s language in exchange for the recovery of the authentic, human dimension of communication through words. The second projected volume will take up the relation between language and the Divine; the third will be dedicated to empowerment, language and economy; while the fourth volume will deal with the delicate relationship between language and well-being, understood as an existential balance.

We are among the most fervent supporters of empowerment, especially in encouraging our students to organize themselves in their work and careers. Our students and our instructors, through empowerment, have been able to realize things that others have found impossible: restore works of Michelangelo, restore the moai of Easter Island, discover ancient buried cities, design fashion collections or furniture for important firms. In the near future they will also (we intend) be able to generate social change through the correct use of language.

From its inception LdM has been based in the heart of ancient Florence, and for many years now the headquarters, in the vicinity of ten other buildings with teaching spaces mostly in the San Lorenzo district, has been a former medieval convent in Via Faenza. Our main auditorium is the former church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini, formerly a church of the Knights Templar. This simple yet evocative space receives our visitors, making them feel connected to a splendid heritage, as we construct together a productive future for everyone.

With the passage of time further affiliated sites have also been opened in Rome, Venice, and Tuscania. One of many programs available to students allows them to study in three of the LdM sites during a single semester.