Building new bridges between The Republic of Italy
and The People’s Republic of China

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici hosted a visit from China Foreign Affairs University

China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) representatives have recently visited LdM staff and premises in Florence and Rome. Professors Gao Fei and Ren Yuanzhe, from CFAU, Beijing, have visited LdM in order to evaluate mutual needs and ideas with the aim to establish a formal relation and partnership.

Founded in 1955, the CFAU, affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a top leading State-University in the fields of International Relations, International Economy, Foreign Language and Diplomacy – focused on teaching, training and research. The three-day visit helped both sides to understand each other’s mission and future projects, within the framework of broader cooperation between China and Italy, China and Europe.

A collaboration will start in the near future, promoting and tailoring summer courses for Chinese students and implementing faculty exchanges. These forms of exchange will enhance professor experience and professional profile quality, while supporting a constant increase of mutual understanding between China and Italy. They also represent an attempt to think about more ambitious ways to work together, according to the shared values of “reciprocity” and gradual development.

In order to increase mutual understanding and sharing ideas on China-Europe and China-Italy relations, LdM organized a round table with selected professors. The experience has been very stimulating and productive, and was intended as a small piece of work within world’s economic and political changes and new challenges (New Silk Road, AIIB, IMF reforms, new free trade agreements, Chinese productive capitals etc.). In addition, the importance of managing these changes emerged along with the relevance of common problems existing at global level (climate change, terrorism, environmental pollution etc.).

Below, the topics of the round table speeches:

Fabio Massimo Parenti – Introductory speech on “China’s resurgence: a promising story”

Rossana Ungaro – Presentation of LdM professors (academic profiles and interests)

Silvia Dell’Acqua – European projects: new opportunities for EU-China collaboration

Alessandro Lorenzelli – Strategic Relations between China and Italy: looking at productive capital

Simone Tani – Florence and Tongji University: a fruitful relation

Luca Scaini – Educative methodologies in West and East

Professors Gao Fei and Ren Yuanzhe appreciated LdM contributions and provided insightful perspectives on the complementarities between Italy and China, strengthening our idea of the necessity to work hard in the efforts to develop new and promising relations.​