CAMNES-LdM Petra & Shawbak Jordan Archaeology Field School

The Medieval archaeology field School of Petra and Shawbak (Jordan, Ma'an) is a four-week intensive course in medieval Near Eastern Archaeology.

It offers the unique opportunity to explore the transition between the Classical and Medieval world. The focus of the 2013 field school is the transformation of Ayyubid's Shawbak Crusader palace into the new royal palace of Saladin's family.

The program combines on-site lectures and fieldwork in Shawbak (the Crusader capital castle of Transjordan, once named Mont Real) and in Petra (the Crusader castles of Al-Habis and Al-Wu'aira). The field school includes excavation, artifact analyses, stratigraphic building archaeology, landscape and architectural survey, restoration, tourist master planning and 2D/3D virtual modeling. The course is conducted by an expert team of English speaking archaeologists, restorers, architectural historians, territorial and static engineers, computer scientists and geologists. Lessons and activities include excavation methods, "light archaeology", archaeological dataset management, and post-excavation artifacts processing.

The field school includes weekly visits to the major archaeological sites and museums of the region and gives the possibility to interact with students from Jordan and Italy.