Geography and Environmental Studies

Geography and Environmental Studies at LdM focus on the active role we all play in global society and environmental change, and on our responsibility to create just and sustainable societies and environments. Students in this field learn more about themselves and the environments they live in while gaining the necessary critical thinking and analytical skills needed to excel in their future career path.

Geography and Environmental Studies courses cover a wide range of environmental issues that combine the physical and social sciences. Students explore important themes like climate change and biodiversity, pollution, global migration and urban development, natural resource management, with an emphasis on ecological, social and cultural sustainability.

Course Listing

Sustainable Forest Management
Mediterranean Sustainable Landscape Garden
Sustainable Food

Please note that this is a selection of LdM courses. Consult the current LdM Course Schedules  for offerings by site and session, and the LdM Academic Catalog for a complete list of courses, descriptions, and prerequisites.