The School of Agriculture at LdM Tuscania gives students the opportunity to discover innovative ways of interpreting and utilizing traditional agricultural activities. Students learn from highly qualified and experienced faculty and through engagement with the local community. Courses focus on the organic agriculture philosophy (Organic Agriculture course), and include experiential learning with seasonal activities. The agro-industry is also examined in its multifunctional aspects (Multifunctionality of the Agricultural Sector course), as it contributes to the social, educational, and recreational needs of rural communities.

For the Academic Year 2018-2019 the didactic offering of the LdM School of Agriculture in Tuscania embraces the aspects of economic principles and their application to the agricultural sector and to the management of natural resources (Agricultural Economics course); the art of garden shaping, which is underpinned by a solid knowledge of the natural landscape, of the natural flora and environment of the Mediterranean region (Mediterranean Sustainable Landscape Garden course). A new course in Sustainable Forest Management will give students the basis of forestry and analyze the importance of forests from a cultural, social and scientific point of view.