Extracurricular Activities

Immersed in beautiful natural scenery, on the edge of the Maremma area of Viterbo, Lake Bolsena, and the Tyrrhenium Sea, Tuscania is only 50 minutes from Rome and two hours from Florence.

Due to the support of the local authorities and the collaboration with the University of Viterbo, students actively participate in the cultural and social life of the area. Tuscania and environs offer students a wealth of cultural offerings throughout the year. From open-air opera performances to live music and food and wine tastings, students get to truely exeprience Italian life, up close and personal.

While studying at LdM Tuscania, students can take part in nature walks, day and weekend trips to nearby towns and monuments, and activities like bicycle tours and horse riding. In addition to course-related visits, LdM staff organize weekly and monthly social events throughout the academic year.

The staff will help organize weekend trips and any other journeys by car, bus, airplane, train or ferryboat. Due to Tuscania's very central location, one can easily visit Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Assisi on day trips.

Upon their arrival, Tuscania students receive the LdM Card which provides a discount at many local restaurants and attractions.

Culinary Arts students will have the opportunity to visit small farms where wines, cheeses, and cured meats are still produced by hand.