Biological Sciences

Global career opportunities await Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students, and LdM now enables STEM students to connect to Italian excellence in these areas. The new offerings address the needs of STEM students unlike any other program in Italy, and also expand subject areas for other students who demand a complete education to enter today’s workplace. State-of the art laboratories of Italian university partners, which represent integration in current European research programs as well as the latest steps in a grand Italian tradition, are accessed for LdM courses. In the natural sciences, 4-credit courses with three weekly lecture hours and three required laboratory hours provide rigorous training. In Biological Sciences, General Biology, Introduction to Molecular Genetics, and Human Anatomy are offered. These courses serve a variety of majors, including the Health Sciences and related fields.

Course Listing

General Biology II with Laboratory
Principles of Biochemistry
Introduction to Molecular Genetics with Laboratory
Human Anatomy I with Laboratory
Human Anatomy II with Laboratory
Introduction to Neuroscience
Cell Biology with Laboratory
General Microbiology with Laboratory

Please note that this is a selection of LdM courses. Consult the current LdM Course Schedules  for offerings by site and session, and the LdM Academic Catalog for a complete list of courses, descriptions, and prerequisites.