Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture in Rome

The School of Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture is one of the latest developments introduced by LdM Institute into its program for the academic year 2019/2020. Previously part of the Creative Arts department, the new School has been created following the students’ positive response towards LdM nutrition and gastronomy courses: as a result, the former department of Nutrition has evolved into a standalone School, offering a wider range of courses and thus expanding the list of academic areas covered by LdM Institute educational offer.

The School’s objective is to conduct a parallel rigorous scientific discourse on the principles of nutrition, and on the cultural aspects of Italian culinary heritage by examining the intersection of historical and sociological influences on local gastronomic traditions. All this is complimented by a study of the practices of preserving agricultural heritage within the sustainable food movement in today’s global food system. The School’s interdisciplinary curriculum is carefully planned to address the way in which the socio-cultural, historical and anthropological characteristics of the different regions of Italy are reflected in their culinary heritage.

Understanding food as a main cultural and artistic expression in which scientific rigor meets creativity and inspiration, the new LdM school also addresses the nutritional aspect of culinary arts. Along with learning cooking skills and specialized methods and techniques, students will also discover how to select quality ingredients, with a focus on historical origins, regional dishes, seasonal and environmental conditions, nutrition, safety and health.

The newly launched School of Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture relies on the expertise of qualified chefs and instructors, both from Italy and around the world, to provide a first-class learning experience and foster students’ future professional development in the gastronomy industry.


Italian Gastronomy and Culture