LdM Rome Housing Service

LdM Rome is pleased to facilitate students’ housing arrangements for a spot in a:

• Double room in a shared student apartment
• Single room in a shared student apartment (the availability cannot be guaranteed, since the number is limited)
• Homestay with a local Italian host

LdM Rome Housing Service includes:
• Rent, with fixed check-in and check-out dates
• Repairs not caused by students’ irresponsibility or inattentiveness
• Average utilities (water, gas, electricity – any costs above the average consumption will be charged to the students sharing the same apartment and deducted from the housing deposit)
• City Public transportation pass
• Internet connection
• Only during the semester: one cleaning of the apartment every five weeks

LdM Rome Housing Service does not include:
• Meals
• Damage(s) caused by student’s irresponsibility or inattentiveness
• Extra cleaning (if the apartment is not clean on the specified check-out date, students will be responsible for an additional cleaning charge. The total amount due, will then be deducted from the housing deposit.)

Housing Request Deadlines
Fall Semester: June 15th
Spring Semester: November 15th
Summer Session I (June): April 15th
Summer Session II (July): May 15th
Summer Sessions I & II (June & July): April 15th
Three Cities Program (Fall Semester): June 15th
Three Cities Program (Spring Semester): November 15th

For further information about reservation and cancellation procedures and details on housing costs, see the Admissions section or contact [email protected]