Italian Gastronomy and Culture

Every region of Italy—from Piedmont to Apuglia—has its own cultural identity, each boasting its own gastronomic delicacies. At LdM, students are encouraged to develop their own Italian culinary art skills through the celebration of traditional and innovative cooking techniques, while exploring the vital historical, social, cultural and religious role of Italian and Mediterranean foods and wine.

Learn how to make a traditional meal, using the tools and tricks of the trade: culinary skills development, meal planning, meat and vegetable cutting, knife skills, Italian baking and pastry-making, fine patisserie, potage, soups and creams, fresh pasta and sauces, wine tasting and appreciation, correct cooking methods and food preservation.

Special features are the educational-practical cooking classroom, wine tasting hall and fully-equipped modern kitchen located in the historic Central Market of Florence. The state-of-the-art classrooms are set up like professional induction kitchens. In pairs, students are assigned their own stations for the practical-technical applications. The recipes are created by the teacher to be followed by the students on high definition screens set up in the classroom.

Students at LdM develop vital skills such as meal planning, food preparation, food preservation and safety in the professional field. Specialized cooking methods and techniques will be taught, resulting in a deeper understanding of nutrition and food within a historical, economic and sociological context, identifying food trends through critical analysis

Some of these courses may lead to a CULINARY ART CERTIFICATE:
Art of Cooking: Italian Gastronomy
– Art of Cooking: Balance in Nutrition

Courses currently available:

Italian Regional Food in Cultural Perspective

Food and Culture

Food and Literature

Current Trends in Italian Cuisine

Fundamentals of Food Design, Styling and Photography

Italian Food and Culture: Pairing Food & Wine

Italian Cuisine: History and Practice

Wine Business

Co(ok)quinarius: Ancient Sources of Italian Cuisine

Sacred and Secular Symbols in Italian Cuisine

Sustainable Food