Jewelry Design


The LdM School of Design offers an artistic and cultural reference point for students who want to study Jewelry Design. A range of basic jewelry-making techniques are taught, among them sawing, filing, soldering, bending, forging, and polishing. Jewelry students learn to drill, file, weld and shape materials, before polishing and setting precious and semi-precious stones in the finished product.

At LdM, students are encouraged to develop their own style using metal as well as alternative materials and jewels to create rings, earrings, bracelets and more. Furthermore, LdM is one of the only schools in the world to give students the chance to learn how to chisel and create relief works, a centuries-old tradition in Florentine craftsmanship. From design to production, students at LdM learn every step in the jewelry-making process, both in the classroom and in the workshop.  See what you could be doing in Jewelry Design at LdM by visiting our Jewelry Design Blog.



The History of Jewels and their Symbolism
Jewelry Design I
Metals in Jewelry Making
Wax Carving and Casting Techniques I
Jewelry Making I
Jewelry Making I (Summer only)
Jewelry Design II
Jewelry Making II
Relief Works in Metal
Stone Setting I
Contemporary Jewelry Design
Jewelry Making III
Trend Forecasting
Modern Technology in Jewelry
Wax Carving and Casting Techniques II
Stone Setting II
Portfolio Development in Jewelry
Jewelry Making IV
Advanced Project in Jewelry
Alternative Materials in Contemporary Jewelry
The Artist in the Studio