Graphic Design

At LdM, the Graphic Design Department analyzes graphic advertising and communication market needs. Students learn how to recognize the strong points of an idea, a product and a brand and convey these through different kinds of media. However, the main skills acquired in courses are: designing graphic components, illustrating and animating thoughts, creating brands, identities and objects, and communicating a company’s needs to the entire world. The final objective is ambitious: the ability to make strategic decisions in a highly competitive world, and the ability to read market trends and formulate dynamic, effective and successful solutions.


Mac and Windows sit side-by-side in LdM’s multifunctional labs where, in addition to the most recent technology, traditional techniques are also studied and used. Techniques are learned through practice and experience, as well as through the vast literature available not only in the general LdM library but also in the department’s own library. See what you could be doing in Graphic Design at LdM by visiting our Graphic Design blog.

Courses currently available:

Digital Toolbox
20th Century Graphics and Illustration
Digital Sketchbook
Graphic Design
Digital Graphic Techniques Fundamentals
Foundations of Visual Communication
Web Design
Comic Art
Publishing Design
Workshop in Graphic Design
Creative Processes in Visual Communication
Web Marketing
Dynamic Web Design
Workshop in Creative Advertising
Graphic Design Project Development
Professional Blog Design
Web Animation
Character Design
Rendering Essentials
Graphic Center Internship: LdM Printing Center
Graphic Design Internship
Motion Graphic Techniques
Advanced Imaging
Brand Design
Web Authoring
Mobile Web Design
Graphic Design for Advertising
Computer 3D Animation