In the LdM Photography Department, courses combine technique with creativity in specially structured courses—photojournalism, travel and geographical reportage, advertisement photography, fashion photography and more—to guide students through a harmonious process of learning and experiencing photography. Classes encourage individual expression and close interaction with LdM professors.

In the LdM’s spacious photo labs and advanced computer facilities, digital and traditional techniques are applied at different levels. Beginning students who choose to study traditional photography use film and learn to make black and white prints in traditional darkrooms, while digital photography courses pay special attention to the most up-to-date techniques in fine art photography.

With top-quality instruction, students develop an awareness of all the aspects involved in photography to awaken individual creativity, problem-solving skills and artistic capability.

Courses currently available:

Introduction to Classic Photography
Introduction to Classic Photography (Summer only)
Introduction to Digital Photography
Introduction to Digital Photography (Summer only)
Introduction to Digital Photography (Intersession)
Expanding Creativity
Principles of Fashion Photography
Principles of Fashion Photography (Summer only)
Intermediate Digital Photography
Intermediate Digital Photography (Summer only)
Intermediate Digital Photography (Intersession)
Fundamentals of Food Design, Styling, and Photography
Landscape and Architecture Photography
Experimental Photography
Fashion Photography
Advertisement and Commercial Photography
Photography Portfolio