Political Science and International Studies

Although globalization has brought many benefits, it has also been a key factor in many of the world’s conflicts. LdM offers a wide range of political science courses that investigate governance and public policy, international relations and comparative politics, political and social theory from its origins to the present day.

Students learn about areas of current international conflicts, prevent violence and foster peaceful approaches to conflict resolution, at all scales.

Courses currently available:

Introduction to Political Science
China’s Development and the Global Shift
Globalization and Social Change
Sustainability: Science, Political Economy and Business
From Plato to Machiavelli: Classical Political Thought
Responsibility and Justice Towards Future Generations
From Machiavelli to the Present: Modern Political Thought
Women and Equality: Policy Matters
Italy and the European Union
The European Union
Participation, Empowerment, and Social Change
International Politics  
International Conflict Resolution
War and Media
International Law  
Government and Politics in the Contemporary Middle East
Anthropology of Violence and Conflict
International Terrorism