Music, Cinema and Theatre Studies

The performing arts are forms of human creativity and expression. LdM’s teaching approach to music, cinema and theatre combines both historical aspects with immersion in contemporary issues, and intellectual engagement with creative expression. The interchanging role of movies, music and the theatre in human society and how they influence one another is a key focus in courses.

LdM courses in Music, Cinema and Theatre Studies offer a range of curricula to complement any liberal arts education. Students learn the theory and practice behind filmmaking including the elements of film and their functions. The importance of the Venice Film Festival is analyzed, as is the documentary film genre. Other courses teach the key elements in the history of Italian and World cinema, as well as the important role music plays in filmmaking. The development and survival of international musical traditions are studied in light of modern advances in technology, and popular folk traditions are given special attention. Other courses focus on everything from the birth and evolution of the Italian Opera to a comparative look at other European theatre traditions.


Italian Cinema and Society
Introduction to Acting
Understanding Movies: Theory and Practice
Masterpieces of Western Music
The History of World Cinema: From Lumière to Tarantino
Music and Film
Italian Theatre
The World Beat: Exploring Global Music
The Masters of Italian Cinema: Fellini
Italian Opera
Italian Culture through Music
Film Studies
History of Italian Cinema
Italian and European Theatre
Shakespeare’s Italy
Cinema of the Real: Documentary Films
The Venice Film Festival