The LdM History Department allows students to pursue a variety of different courses, according to their needs and goals. Students can span centuries of history to investigate the social, political and artistic thought of times past. Courses cover Ancient Rome to the contemporary world, paying special attention to European and Italian history.

Find out how the European Union came to be, why the women of the Medici dynasty were some of the world’s most powerful, the aspects of daily life in Renaissance Florence and the importance of the Catholic Church in Italian history and society.

Courses currently available:

Western Civilization
The Making of Modern Europe from Antiquity to the French Revolution
Europe from 1815 to the Present
Ancient Rome
Medieval Civilization and Culture
Florentia: The Ancient Roots of Florence
The “Mysterious” People of Ancient Italy: In Search of the Etruscans
The Holocaust: Jewish and Christian Responses
The Social World of Renaissance Italy
The Quarters of Florence: History and Culture
Galileo’s World: His Life and Contributions to Modern Science
The Catholic Church and Society in Italy
The Jewish Experience in Italy: Traditions and Culture
Cultural Networking in the Renaissance
Lifestyle in Renaissance Florence
Italy’s Contribution to Modern Science
The Renaissance Theory of Love
Florence and the House of the Medici
Italy in the American Imagination
The 1960’s: A Global Counter Cultural Movement
Women of the Medici Family
Europe since 1945
Italian Renaissance Civilization and Culture
The Role of Magic in Renaissance Thought
Muslims, Jews and Witches: Outsiders in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Magna Graecia: Ancient Greeks in Italy
International Terrorism
The Second World War