With the ever-quickening pace of technological change and the transmission of information in today’s globalized society, the study of communications can lead to a vast array of professional fields. At LdM, media and communications are placed in a broader historical, cultural and social context so that students get a better understanding of this complex yet increasingly important field. Students explore print, TV, radio and digital journalism and hone their skills in journalistic writing.

LdM’s dynamic teaching techniques include the implementation of professional projects and on-site visits. In this way, courses engage students’ imaginations and stimulate their intellects to reach new heights.

Course Listing

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Introduction to Communications
Mass Communication
New Media: Communication in the Digital Age
Introduction to Journalism
Advertising Principles
Body Language and Communication Techniques
Communications Research Methods
Event Planning
Media Ethics
Digital Cultures
Literature and Journalism
Crosscultural Communication in the Workplace
Visual Culture in Italy Since 1945 (Art, Design, Media)
Sports, Culture, and Communication
Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills
Public Relations
War and Media
Communication and Leadership
Broadcasting: Italian Culture and Television
Intercultural Communication
Integrated Marketing Communication
Social Media Marketing
Wedding Planning
Creating the Multimedia Sports Narrative
Global Sports Marketing
Sports in Global Cinema and Television
Global Media Strategies
Communications Internship
Journalism Internship
Communication in Public Administration Internship
Public Relations Internship
Communications / Event Planning Internship
Social Media Marketing Internship
Global Brand Management
Consumer Insights and Strategic Development
Global IMC Campaign Development
Capping: Communications Studies

Please note that this is a selection of LdM courses. Consult the current LdM Course Schedules  for offerings by site and session, and the LdM Academic Catalog for a complete list of courses, descriptions, and prerequisites.