Art History

An unparalleled access to museums, festivals, artists and their works — both present and past — provides a truly rich environment for studying Art History. Whether it is devoted to Michelangelo’s Renaissance sculptures, Nudes in Modern Art, or museology a class in Art History at LdM brings students into direct contact with artworks and monuments in the cities they live and study in.

The Art History curriculum at LdM encompasses many different topics, including courses that focus on the main aspects of major historical art movements, monographic studies of single artists, religious and secular symbolism in the visual arts, and the history of patronage and art collection. Emphasis is also placed on museum studies and art exhibition planning. Internships and other hands-on activities provide students with the practical experience necessary to pursuing a career in art, culture and aesthetics fields.

Courses currently available:

History of Architecture
Art History I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance
Art History II: High Renaissance to the Present
The Built Environment of Florence
20th Century Design and Architecture
The World of Museums: Museology
Palaces of Florence
Architectural History: Italian Urban Design
Lost Symbolism: Secret Codes in Western Art
World Art
The Genius of Michelangelo
Visual Culture in Italy Since 1945 (Art, Design, Media)
Renaissance Art at the Italian Courts
Italian Renaissance Art
Lifestyle in Renaissance Florence
Florence Villas and Gardens
Medieval Art
Contemporary Architecture
Renaissance Architecture
Leonardo: The Renaissance Genius at Work
International Art Business
Art in 14th Century Florence
Hidden Meanings in Renaissance Art
High Renaissance and Mannerism
Baroque Art
Images and Words
Chinese Art in Modern Europe: From the 17th Century to the Present
Museum and Gallery Internship
19th Century Art: From Neoclassicism to Post-Impressionism
Avant-Garde and Modernist Art (1900-1950)
Contemporary Art
Museums and the Public I: People and Ideas
Museums: Past, Present and Future
Museum Development, Management, and Leadership
Art and Objects in Museums and in Context
Research and Field Methods I: Methodologies and Resources
Museums and the Public II: Objects and Audience
Transcultural Aesthetics, Ethnography, and Cultural Bias
Museum Spaces and Technologies
Museum Education
Conservation and Historic Preservation
Museums: Ethics and the Law
Research and Field Methods II: The Thesis/Practicuum Proposal
Museum Studies Internship