How have human beings evolved and adapted to their environments over the centuries? What can archaeology tell us about religion and evolution? What are the similarities and differences between the world’s many cultures? How are humans adjusting to today’s globalized culture and society? How can individuals prevent violence and foster peaceful approaches to conflict resolution at all scales?

The Anthropology Department at LdM is committed to the study of human beings in both time and space. Trained by experts, students learn about socio-cultural, biological, archaeological and linguistic anthropology though fieldwork and case studies.

Courses currently available:

Introduction to Anthropology
Anthropology of Fashion and Desirability: Beyond the Catwalk
Archaeology Workshop
Food and Culture
Cultural Anthropology
Contemporary Anthropology: Words and Action
Co(ok)quinarius: Ancient Sources of Italian Cuisine
Sacred and Secular Symbols in Italian Cuisine
Physical and Forensic Anthropology
Archaeology of Death
Anthropology of Violence and Conflict