Research Suggestions

For LdM subject areas the LdM Library holdings include a range of titles including basic reference works to more specialized studies and monographs. For more in-depth research ask the Library Staff for help and advice.

How do I know which books I need?

Consult the suggested / recommended readings in your course syllabus. Generally all books listed under this heading are in the LdM Library. These books, as well as your textbook, usually include further bibliography to explore.

Ask your professors and the librarians for advice and recommendations: they are here to help you access the books you need!

Browse the online LdM Library catalogue.
Knowing how to navigate the online catalogue is the key to finding the books you need.

Other Useful Tips

• Plan ahead – it may take a while to get material that is checked out or to find materials not owned by the Library.
• Define your needs in terms of the task. For a research paper, broader reading at the start may help you to define your research topic.
• Create a working bibliography to keep track of what you have to find, and what you have looked at.
• The Writing Counseling Service can offer some useful strategies
• Ask your Instructor and the Librarians to suggest titles about doing research in general or in your field
• Check out the LdM materials on Plagiarism (available at the Library service desk)