Summer Workshops

Florence and Southern Italy Restoration Workshop

The Florence and Southern Italy Restoration workshop provides an exciting opportunity for students of varying ages and backgrounds to deepen their personal cultural experience and creative skills. Offered twice, in June and in July, it consists of a month-long hands-on exploration of restoration and conservation, along with related historical, religious and cultural insights, balancing studio instruction on the LdM premises in Florence with field work in an inspiring Italian location.

During the three weeks in Florence the participants will work in the Restoration Department of the LdM institute, having the chance to work exclusively on authentic furniture, wooden sculptures, paintings and/or the technique of gilding, based on artifact availability.

One week will take place in Rocca Imperiale, a characteristic medieval hill town located in the region of Calabria, in the Taranto Gulf, 4 km from the sea, and topped by a medieval fortress. The region is of extraordinary historical, cultural and archaeological value: it was a flourishing ancient Greek settlement due to its fertile ground and strategic position. In Rocca Imperiale the participants will work on authentic artifacts located in the 17th century church of the town.

Cultural and recreational activities in the Calabria stay may include meeting the town’s major who will present the opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of the town; a visit to a typical southern Italian farmhouse; a dinner to taste local food and traditional dishes; a swim in the crystal-clear Mediterranean sea.