Academic Semester & Academic Year

LdM’s Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs give students the flexibility to choose from over 600 courses and combine classes from six academic areas:

Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs are available to internationally qualified students. These study abroad experiences allow undergraduate and independent students to gain a deep understanding of Italian culture and language.

Academic Year students may also decide to experience two different Italian regions and cultures, studying at one LdM campus for the fall semester and in another for the spring semester.

Programs vary in the weight given to Italian language, and allow students to choose how much time they wish to spend developing their language skills. Students are required to take at least one Italian language course during their first semester at LdM. Beyond the mandatory Italian language component, students choose between a vast selection of courses taught in English, satisfying personal preferences and the requirements of their degree programs.
All courses, except Italian Language courses, are taught in English. Attendance is mandatory.