Similar to the B.A. in Fine Art: Studio Art the B.S. in Studio Art offers students the same opportunities to to embrace the City of Florence; birthplace of modern humanism and the cradle of the Renaissance civilization. The B.S. in Studio Art differs from the B.A. in Fine Arts in degree requirements, requiring less focus on liberal arts and adding an additional emphasis on studio work.

Students who choose the B.S. in Studio Art will find that Florence is the ideal destination for those interested in studying studio art; giving students the exciting opportunity to draw and paint in response to the historic and contemporary art, architecture and culture of Italy. In leaving studio walls behind, students will make art in the cities and landscapes of Italy itself. Traditional and contemporary approaches to art making will be explored.

Art programs at Marist-LdM train students in the technical skills and discipline of studio art, and stimulate individual artistic growth. Marist-LdM gives its students the tools necessary for entering the competitive labor market. In Art Restoration courses students closely study major restorations and carry out hands-on work on original objects. Sculpture and Printmaking students take on the challenges of diverse media. Photography students engage with the Italian city- and landscape and specialized topics. Additionally, LdM provides its students with library and computing facilities, a wide range of student clubs and societies, and organized cultural events, field trips and site visits.

Note: A minimum of 60 credits in Liberal Arts is required.

ART 180 Art History I: Antiquity to Early Remaissance (M-ART 160)
ART 186 Art History II: High Renaissance to the Present (M-ART 180)
Two 200 level or higher Art History courses
Senior Thesis: Portfolio (M-ART 478)
ART 355/CLT 355 Images and Words (M-ART 477 Capping Course)
PDM 190 Fundamentals of Art and Design: Color Theory (M-ART 101)
PDM 130 Principles of Drawing and Composition (M-ART 110)
GRA 185 Digital Graphic Techniques Fundamentals (M-GRAP 101)
3D Design (M-ART 201)
PDM 140 Foundation Oil Painting (M-ART 111)
SCU 160 Introductory Sculpture (M-STUD 170)
PDM 390 Advanced Drawing II (M-ART 203)
PRI 120 Printmaking (M-ART 207)
PHO 120 Introduction to Classic Photography (M-ART 145)
Five additional art studio courses at the 200 level or above.
Nine additional credits in the art studio area, related field electives (for example, digital art courses, art history courses, communication courses, etc.) and/or professional internship or any combination thereof.

First Year Seminar, Writing for College (2 Foundation courses)
PHR 185 Introduction to Italian Philosophy (M-PHIL 101) (1 course)
Ethics/Religious Studies (1 course)
Natural Science (1 course)
Social Science (1 courses)
History (1 course, may be fulfilled by major field requirements)
Literature (1 course, may be fulfilled by major field requirements)
Mathematics (1 course)
Total 36 distribution credits including related field requirements, some of which may be fulfilled by foreign language and culture courses.