An interdisciplinary major combining courses from Communication and International Business with a Liberal Arts education, the Marist-LdM Global Marketing Communication B.S. degree provides students with the opportunity to better understand and utilize global marketing communication in a world where a corporation being able to deliver a consistent message that embodies its brand, values, products and company mission is essential in today’s global marketplace.

This requires a thorough grounding in topics such as advertising, public relations, social media, branding, strategy and analytical tools, and global marketing insights.

The Marist-LdM Global Marketing Communication B.S. degree allows undergraduate students to take marketing and communication projects from concept to reality. The ability to see a project from start to finish will allow undergraduate Global Marketing Communication students to understand how marketing and communication must mesh with global technology in order to execute a successful marketing strategy. Students will leave the university being able to make strategic decisions in a super-competitive world, read market trends and formulate successful solutions.

Courses are taught by international faculty in English. Students in the Global Marketing Communication major will complete a variety of courses specific to their course of study. These courses include a core-curriculum, designed to develop undergraduate students’ critical thinking, writing, and communication skills, and provide undergraduate students with a balanced education preparing them to continue their education or pursue a professional career upon graduation.



Note: A minimum of 90 credits in Liberal Arts is required. 10 Courses in Global Marketing Communication.

Com 105 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (M-COM 101)
COM 130 Introduction lo Communication (M-COM 102)
Digital Toolbox (M-COM 103)
COM 225 Communication Research Methods (M-COM 200)

BUS 210 Principles of Marketing (M-BUS 210)
COM 204 Advertising Principles (M-COM 204)
BUS 312 International Marketing (M-BUS 220)
BUS 313/COM 313 Integrated Marketing Communication (M-BUS 352)
BUS 270/COM 271 Cross-cultural Communication in the Workplace (M-BUS 370) or COM 206 lntcrcultural Communication (M-COM 325)
COM 300 Public Relations (M-COM 370)
COM 360 Global Media Strategies (M-COM 3xx)
COM 411 Global Brand Management (M-COM 41x)
COM 421 Consumer Insights and Strategic Development (M-COM 42x)
COM 441 Global IMC Communication Campaign Development (M-COM 43x)

COM 461 Capping; Communication Studies (M-COM 4xx)

MAT 186 Statistics (M-MAT 180)
Italian Language (2 courses, any level)

First Year Seminar, Writing for College (2 Foundation courses)
PHR 185 Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient and Early Modern Thinkers (M-PHIL 101) (1 course)
Ethics/Religious Studies (1 course)
Fine Arts (1 course, may be fulfilled by major field requirements)
History (1 course, may be fulfilled by major field requirements)
Literature (1 course, may be fulfilled by major field requirements)
Mathematics (1 course)
Natural Science (1 course)
Social Science (1 courses)

Total 36 distribution credits including related field requirements, some of which may be fulfilled by foreign language and culture courses.