Florence is the cradle of Renaissance civilization – the place where Dante, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci were inspired to create. Today Florence remains home to some the greatest works of art the world has ever known. The Marist-LdM conservation studies restoration program gives students the opportunity to learn to care for these invaluable pieces of history.

The Marist-LdM conservation studies program offers a rich educational experience in the field of art conservation and the history of techniques. Our conservation students will work directly and exclusively on original materials from the 14th to 19th centuries. These opportunities are provided by religious, state or even private institutions including the City of Florence Fine Art Department and are carried out under the direction of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Artistici. Students have the privilege of working on objects ranging from paintings, frescoes and wood sculpture from the medieval period through to the nineteenth century.

Restoration and Conservation offers great opportunities for travel and work all over the world, in a wide variety of countries and cultures, languages and religions. Studying in the Restoration and Conservation Department means exactly that. Through the program, advanced students have been active, in collaboration with local and national institutions, in countries including Nepal, India, and Chile.

All work is done under the watchful eye of faculty members who are also experts in their field. From beginning to advanced levels, students can enjoy the unique experience of working on original works of art both in the state-of-the-art restoration laboratory and on nearby historical sites.

Note: A minimum of 60 credits in Liberal Arts is required.

PDM 130 Principles of Drawing and Composition (M-ART 110)
ART 180 Art History I: Antiquity to Early Remaissance (M-ART 160)
RES 250 Science for Conservators I (M-CHEM 370)
RES 340 Science for Conservators II (M-CHEM 380)
RES 185 Drawing for Conservators I (M-CONV 110)
RES 140 Furniture, Wood Objects and Gilding Conservation (M-CONV 150)
RES 230 Theory of Conservation (M-CONV 200)
RES 245 Historical Painting Lab I (M-CONV 220)
RES 345 Historical Painting Lab II (M-CONV 305)
RES 400/RES 405 Working Group Project in track (M-CONV 400/CONV 401)
Technology for the 21st Century (M-CSIS 103, online)

Choose one three-course track: either Fresco Technique and Mural Painting, or Painting and Polychrome Wooden Sculpture
Two courses in an advisor-approved studio art media (such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, etc.)

Two of the following courses:
ART 230 The World of Museums: Museology (M-ART 290)
ART 380 Exhibition Management (M-ART 267)
ART 297/BUS 290 International Art Business (M-ART 318)
ART 405 Art Expertise (M-ART 331)
Any upper level advisor-approved Art History course

First Year Seminar, Writing for College (2 Foundation courses)
PHR 185 Introduction to Italian Philosophy (M-PHIL 101) (1 course)
Ethics/Religious Studies (1 course)
Fine Arts (fulfilled by major requirements)
History (1 course)
Literature (1 course)
Mathematics (1 course)
Natural Science (1 course)
Social Science (1 course)
Total 36 distribution credits including related field requirements, some of which may be fulfilled by foreign language and culture courses.