Interior Design in Contemporary Living


This certificate develops analytical and technical skills in creating design solutions for contemporary living spaces. Students learn to address client needs, present projects effectively, explore design solutions and illustrate plans in 3D, with attention to materials, constructive techniques and technologies.

Course List


Core courses

*Some courses may require advanced skills. Please check for prerequisites of individual courses in the LdM Academic Catalog, or write to [email protected] for more information.

Technical Drawing 3 cr/45 hrs

Design for Living Spaces 3 cr/90 hrs

Interior Design II 3 cr/90 hrs

Track courses (students are required to choose two courses from the following)

Textile Science 3 cr/45 hrs

Lighting Design 3 cr/90 hrs

Furniture Design 3 cr/90 hrs



Computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies

Classrooms equipped with design instruments

Continuously updated library of books and magazines