Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Through LdM Graphic Design and Visual Communication Certificate students develop the ability to design graphics, illustrate and animate thoughts, create brands, identities and objects. They read market trends and formulate dynamic and effective solutions to communicate to a global audience. Both graphic advertising and communication market are analyzed in real-world work scenarios.

Course List

Certificate (Year 1)


•Digital Graphic Techniques Fundamentals  3 credits/90 hours
Digital Sketchbook  3 credits/90 hrs
•Foundations of Visual Communication  3 credits/90 hours
20th Century Graphics and Illustration  3 credits/45 hours
Fundamentals of Art and Design: Color Theory  3 credits/60 hours


Rendering Essentials       3 credits/90 hours
•Graphic Design       3 credits/90 hours
•Workshop in Graphic Design     3 credits/45 hours
•Web Design      3 credits/45 hours
•Graphic Design Project Development      3 credits/90 hours



– Multi-functional labs

– Vast literature selection available in the school’s libraries

– In-house printing center that offers: plotting, binding, and cloth printing