Fashion Design

The LdM Fashion Design Certificate offers students the opportunity to work in a variety of career disciplines: Fashion Designer, Fashion Editor, Stylist, Illustrator, Patternmaker, Quality Manager, Fashion Critic, Product Developer, Technical Drawer, Show Room Manager, Personal Shopper and many more.
Students are given an overview of the industry, as well as a solid foundation of costume history and textile science.
Draping, pattern making, construction, and illustration are taught, allowing each student to execute a collection which will later be displayed during a fashion show or an exhibit at the end of the year.



Course List

Certificate (Year 1)


•Introduction to the Fashion Industry 3 cr./45 hrs
•Construction Techniques 3 cr./90 hrs
•Fashion Illustration 3 cr./90 hrs
•Textile Science 3 cr./45 hrs
•CAD for Fashion Design I 3 cr./60 hrs
•History of Costume 3 cr./45 hrs


•Patternmaking I 3 cr./90 hrs
•Fabric Styling 3 cr./60 hours
•Fashion Illustration II 3 cr./90 hrs
•Draping I 3 cr./90 hrs
•Knitwear I 3 cr./90 hrs


Professional Certificate (Year 2)


•Accessory Design 3 cr. / 90 hrs
•Advanced Pattern Development 3 cr. / 90 hrs
•Product Development 3 cr. / 45 hrs
•Trend Forecasting 3 cr. / 45 hrs
•Fashion Lab: Experimental Design 3 cr. / 60 hrs


•CAD for Fashion Design II 3 cr. / 60 hrs
•Portfolio Development 3 cr / 90 hrs
•Collection Development I 3 cr. / 90 hrs
•Interdisciplinary Design 3 cr. / 60 hrs

Choice of one of the following:

•Fashion or Business elective 3 cr. / 45 hrs or more
•Knitwear II 3 cr. / 60 hrs



– Lab equipped with mannequins and sewing machines

– Computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies

– Classrooms equipped with design tools and instruments

– Material samples

– Library specifically focused on fashion