LdM Sites

Today LdM hosts over 3,000 students a year from all over the world. In addition to its oldest campus in Florence, LdM has locations in Rome and Tuscania, providing the opportunity for students to study in multiple locations and to truly experience the cultural richness of both historical and contemporary Italy.

LdM Florence

The LdM Florence campus is located in the historic San Lorenzo area. Encompassing twelve campus buildings in Florence’s city center, it is one of Italy’s largest international institutes of higher education. All LdM buildings are Wi-Fi equipped and contain a full range of facilities including large classrooms and specialized art studios, a cafeteria, a courtyard garden, an extensive library, and a student computer center.
The vibrant neighborhoods surrounding LdM Florence are host to charming boutiques, cafés and eateries. As LdM’s largest campus, it provides many ways for students to get involved in the local community, whether it be taking part in student clubs or volunteering at local organizations, playing daily sports or attending cultural activities, going to the movies or participating in the weekend excursions. Read more…

LdM Rome

The LdM Rome premises are located near Piazza Repubblica, a vibrant square in the historic center. Classrooms and facilities are housed in an elegant Umbertine palace in the government and business district. The newly renovated building provides modern, Wi-Fi equipped facilities with light-filled studios. Flourishing Roman neighborhoods, shops and restaurants surround the main campus building, which is within walking distance from many famous sites, including the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. It is the perfect city for those studying sciences, art history, communications, international business, Italian language and more.  Read more…

LdM Tuscania

Tuscania is a historic hilltop town located in the breathtaking countryside of the southern Maremma, in central Italy and LdM Tuscania promotes full academic and cultural immersion in this pastoral setting.
The campus is situated in an elegant structure in the historical town center that is incorporated into the medieval stone walls. Reading rooms, classrooms, art lab, an exhibition space, library, and computer lab are located in the main building facility.
The campus also includes a courtyard and a state-of-the-art culinary classroom for courses in Mediterranean cuisine. Read more…