LdM Summer Programs

Summer at LdM is the perfect opportunity to earn credit and experience Italian culture in a concentrated period of time. A broad selection of courses, hands-on workshops, renowned field schools, featured summer excursions, and culinary arts exploration are all part of LdM’s diverse summer offering.


Summer Session Program

The Summer Session Program consists of month-long courses in June and July offered at each of LdM’s three campus locations. To find out more about the Summer Session Program at the campus of your choice, click the links below.



Venice Biennale

Immersed in the unique culture of Venice and surrounded by contemporary art from around the world, students earn six credits… Learn more…


Archaeological Field School

Archaeology Field School at Tuscania

The LdM-CAMNES Archaeology Field School represents a new approach in studying and understanding ancient civilizations. Students work under the guidance and experience of professional archaeologists, gaining knowledge of modern archaeological research methods, through on-site digging and data recording processes. With academic field trips to museums and archaeological sites, they also learn about the cultural aspects (archaeology, art, history, religion etc.) of the ancient societies that produced the architecture and objects that they will be excavating. This program provides an exciting and unique opportunity for a firsthand look at archaeological fieldwork. Learn more…


Summer Workshop

Florence and Southern Italy Restoration Workshop

The Florence and Southern Italy Restoration workshop provides an exciting opportunity for students of varying ages and backgrounds to deepen their personal cultural experience and creative skills. Offered twice, in June and in July, it consists of a month-long hands-on exploration of restoration and conservation, along with related historical, religious and cultural insights, balancing studio instruction on the LdM premises in Florence with field work in an inspiring Italian location.
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