LdM Certificate Programs

The LdM Certificates are designed to develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skills. They offer a comprehensive curricular structure addressing students’ professional goals. The course selection has been pre-determined in order to allow students to follow the most appropriate sequence in their area of study. The programs are offered in Florence, on a semester, one or two-year basis.

For semester certificates, sessions start Fall and Spring. Some courses may require advanced skills. Please check for prerequisites of individual courses in the LdM Academic Catalog. For one, or two-year certificates, sessions start Fall only. Students with prior knowledge of the selected field of study may be admitted to the second semester of the one or two-year certificates (according to the program selected and in Spring only), after submitting a portfolio of their work to be assessed and approved.

Students who have successfully completed the one-year Certificate may progress into the Professional/Advanced Certificate (according to the program selected) completing the two-year program.

The Professional/Advanced Certificates are designed for students who have a solid background in the area of study. Students applying for the Professional/Advanced Certificate Program must either have completed successfully the relevant one-year Certificate program or provide evidence of their background and knowledge of the selected area submitting a portfolio of their work to be assessed and approved. The Admissions Committee will review the application and accept only those students who meet the entry requirements.

LdM Certificate Programs are available at the Florence Campus only. To find out more, please click here.