LdM faculty is comprised of over 200 experienced and dedicated professors. Originating from various Italian regions and over 40 countries, LdM instructors share an international outlook that supports the LdM mission of delivering a high-quality international learning experience. Faculty selection is based on academic qualifications and commitment to community engagement and empowerment, among other LdM core values.

LdM faculty hold an international education (Germany, UK, U.S.A., Israel, Belgium, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Romania, Croatia, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Greece, Brazil), with a high level of specialization in their respective fields (researchers, Ph.D. specialists, professors and collaborators of Italian universities). Faculty have produced publications in different languages and have been recognized by prestigious national and international awards. Various case-based, practical, studio and design courses are taught by professionals with extensive experience in the related fields and industries, as well as by qualified artisans. Among LdM faculty are recognized artists with exhibitions in Italy, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China, Australia, North, Central and South America.