Oremland, Mark – abstract

Mark Oremland, Founder, Mundolingua, Paris, France

After a very long period of gestation (about 15 years), Mundolingua, opened its doors a little over 3 years ago in late 2013. It is probably the only space devoted to the phenomenon of language and languages in a global sense, without dealing with any one specific language.

In this presentation we will look briefly at:

• the development of the idea back at the end of last century
• some of the other language museum projects that have come and gone
• questions of size and finance
• prevailing principles at Mundolingua used in the conception and design
• content challenges (space, multiple target markets, languages used)
• our 5 target markets : tourists, Parisians, school groups, students of all related aspects, seniors
• staffing (contracts, interns, volunteers)
• existential challenges including financial aspects, subsidies and sponsoring, terrorists, vandalism, tenchological hiccups, building-related challenges
• future perspectives and possibilities

Mundolingua, Interior Display