LdM Housing Service

Residential comfort and safety are a critical part of your study abroad experience. The following information is for the reference of students living in LdM student apartments. Students who have chosen the home stay option should consult their host or LdM Housing Services for tips on housing safety and individual housing necessities and/or issues. Students living in independent accommodations should consult the proprietor/landlord/agent responsible for their residence.

For those students who have requested a shared apartment with other students through LdM Housing Services, below are a few guidelines for safety and wellbeing:

Housing Issues and Emergency Numbers: You are kindly asked to record on your mobile phones the name, number and e-mail of your contact persons (landlords or agencies) that are listed in the envelope you received on arrival day. In the event of a housing issue, it is mandatory to always inform your student advisor. For urgent needs or repairs concerning the apartment, please contact directly your landlord or agency.

Locked Doors: For your own safety and for the safety of your personal belongings ALWAYS REMEMBER TO deadbolt the lock when you leave your apartment. When you are inside the apartment, please remember to deadbolt the lock and remove the key from inside the lock. The entrance door does not lock automatically; to lock it you have to turn the key, either when you are in or when you leave the apartment.

Keys: It is very important that you do not keep the address of your apartment attached to the key ring or written anywhere in your bag. Before leaving the apartment, you should always check to make sure you have your keys with you and you should never leave your bag unattended once you leave the house. If you forget your keys inside the apartment or if you lose them over the weekend or late at night, it may be difficult to contact your landlord or agency contact person.

Noise: Don’t make noise after 11:00 p.m.
Please remember that you share the building with other residents. You are kindly requested to show respect and not disturb others in the building. Parties are not allowed. Do not make any noise in the stairwell, especially late at night, nor in the apartment (with heels, heavy steps, moving pieces of furniture or playing loud music). Neighbors can be very sensitive and may call the police.

Overnight Guests: In accordance with the leasing contract and with the Italian law, overnight guests are not allowed. Should anyone other than the tenants be found in the apartment, the landlord or LdM Housing Service coordinator has the right to require tenants to vacate the apartment.

Utilities: Utilities costs are very high in Italy. LdM strongly recommends all students to respect energy conservation. Please remember to turn off lights, your computer or any other domestic appliances when you are not using them and when you leave the apartment (to avoid being charged for excess usage).

Heating System:
According to the Italian law, tenants are allowed to keep the heating on in winter up to 10/12 hours a day at 20 degrees (Celsius) maximum. Only the landlord can set the thermostat, so please inform your contact person about the time you and your flat mates would like to keep the heating on. If you have any problems in this regard, contact your landlord/agency. If you reprogram the temperature without permission and set it on a higher temperature, you may be charged for extra costs.

Good Ventilation: Being located in historic centers, apartments are generally located within classic Italian structures. Please remember to let fresh air into your apartment frequently (at least 30 minutes a day), as well as after taking a shower; always leave the window of the bathroom open after a hot shower. This will prevent mildew from forming on the walls. Whenever you leave the apartment, please make sure that ALL of the windows are closed.

Waste System: Students live in apartments like Italian citizens and therefore they are expected to pay attention when separating waste collection and putting their garbage in the right dumpsters. Students who do not respect the waste separation instructions and leave garbage in the streets and/or in the wrong dumpster could be charged a steep fine by the waste collecting agency. More detailed information on the waste separation system and recycling will be given to the students upon arrival at their apartments. We suggest that students take out the trash daily to enjoy a healthy stay in their accommodations.