Donatella Pegazzano – Abstract

The Accademici Alterati and the Figurative Arts: Some Questions of Taste

Donatella Pegazzano

Università degli Studi di Firenze, Dipartimento SAGAS

My lecture intends to offer a general overview, in some cases with details, of the interest in the figurative arts that the Alterati had, both its very first members (for example: Renato de’ Pazzi, Vincenzo Acciaiuoli, Lorenzo Corbinelli, Alessandro Canigiani), as well as later members (Baccio Valori, Giovanni de’ Bardi, Jacopo Corsi, Giovan Battista Strozzi, Lorenzo Giacomini). I will also try to ascertain how the Academy’s artistic patronage interacted with its prevailing literary interests.

The aspects that seem to have united some of the Accademici will be highlighted, for example the tendency to create small picture galleries with the portraits of illustrious men, as well as the degree of major, or minor, alignment of their tastes with the trends of the Medici Court. I will review the patronage of painters or sculptors that can firmly be attributed to some of the Alterati, and also their interest in collecting and artistic dilettantism.