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The LdM Rome Scholarship and LdM Tuscania Scholarship are scholarships available to qualified students attending either the Rome or Tuscania semester Study Abroad Program. There is one scholarship available per semester for LdM Rome and one for LdM Tuscania. Recipients of these merit-based scholarships will serve as ambassadors of their particular LdM campus through a selection of activities ranging from contributing to a campus blog, to sharing their experiences in video, to representing the LdM campus at their home institution, among other options.

Students interested in applying for a Scholarship must have applied to LdM Rome or LdM Tuscania by the appropriate application deadline and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher. Scholarship applications are due by the program application deadline and require an essay and an additional academic recommendation.

For more information or to request the Scholarship Application, please contact [email protected]


LdM offers small grants based on academic merit and financial need for semester and academic year Study Abroad and Certificate Programs. Qualified grant applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher must have applied to the LdM Study Abroad or Certificate Program of their choice by the appropriate deadline. Grant applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from a professor, or other individual who has supervised the applicant in an academic or working capacity, and all the relevant documents requested on the application form.

Grant applications are due by the program application deadline. Please note: The recommendation which accompanies your Grant Application must be from someone other than the individual who wrote your program application recommendation.

Please contact [email protected] to request the Grant Application.


LdM will work with you and your home institution so that you may access and use financial aid for your program at LdM. Please meet with the financial aid office at your home institution as soon as possible to discuss using financial aid for your LdM program. In addition, please inform LdM Academic Relations + Student Services of your intent to use financial aid and complete all required forms by the appropriate deadlines.


If your home institution prefers to be invoiced and pay on your behalf, please notify LdM Academic Relations + Student Services. LdM will coordinate with your home institution to confirm the terms of the billing arrangement. Please note that you may still be required to confirm your enrollment by submitting the Initial Program Payment and Housing Deposit/Advance, depending on the billing arrangement between LdM and your home institution.


LdM recommends that you meet first with your study abroad and financial aid advisors at your home institution, as they will have knowledge of specific grants and scholarships for which you may be eligible. Additionally, they will be involved in coordinating the transfer of aid and scholarships toward your LdM program.

You may also find it productive to explore additional and alternate funding options. You may find the online resources below helpful for your independent research.

NAFSA: Financial Aid for Study Abroad: An Undergraduate Student’s Resource

The Financial Aid Page: Comprehensive source of financial aid and scholarship information

The Student Guide: U.S. Department of Education publication on various federal aid programs

Fund for Education Abroad: General and dedicated scholarships Scholarships abroad

Abroad101: Study abroad scholarships Financing your study abroad

Crowdfunding options: