Digital Maps and GIS Systems

Cornell University Library’s guide to GIS Data and Maps A rich and detailed selection of sites, including online maps, gazetteers, GIS resources, etc. of European cities, including Florence, Roman Empire, and the Ancient Mediterranean.

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations  The site provides a rich source of GIS information about the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires and the Middle Ages and the Crusades, etc.

[email protected] Developed and maintained by Tufts University Information Technology, in collaboration with Harvard. Contains numerous searchable historical maps of Florence.

Geonames The GeoNames geographical database contains over 10 million geographical names; Geonames covers all of Italy and the Mediterranean basin and beyond. The database integrates geographical data such as names of places in various languages, elevation, population and others from various sources. Italy is represented in numerous languages and information about its population numbers and size is also included.

Geoportale Nazionale The national GIS portal for Italy; provides a host of helpful resources, including orthophotos from multiple years, DEMs at various resolutions, the IGM 25000 series maps, and maps of erosion risk areas, protected areas, etc. Online consultation mainly, but one can create and print maps. Very useful for planning real or classroom-exercise surveys.

L’Istituto Geografico Militare A rich source of GIS data for Italy in Shape file format.

Peutinger map: seamless whole, in color, with overlaid layers. A project by Prof. Richard Talbert at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The Peutinger Map is the only map of the Roman world to come down to us from antiquity. Featuring land routes across Europe, North Africa, and the Near East, it was rediscovered around 1500. After coming into the ownership of Konrad Peutinger, for whom it is named, it is today housed in the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites A Project Perseus text-based encyclopedia entry on the history and monuments of antiquity.

Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World The project aims at reconstructing the time, cost, and financial expense associated with a wide range of different types of travel in antiquity; includes numerous maps and resources.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Ancient World Mapping Center Numerous maps of Ancient Rome, Italy, including Magna Graecia, and the entire Mediterranean region.

WorldMap is a platform developed by the Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) at Harvard; the platform permits to build custom maps, by editing and publishing geospatial information in a collaborative manner. It contains many maps of Florence detailing such items as trendy, poor, and wealthy neighborhoods of Florence as well as sections under historical reconstruction, etc.


The following are of importance to the study of ancient to more modern Rome:

Aquae Urbis Romae: the Waters of the City of Rome X3D files of 25’ contours; GIS data of water related infrastructure with a timeline overlaid on a map of the modern city; includes a project bibliography; Leonardo Bufalini, Roma Map (Rome, 1551).