New partnership with Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici is pleased to announce from Fall 2018 its partnership with Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli – International Center for the Arts and Entertainment, located right in the heart of the historical city center of Florence.

The Center, supported by the Maestro himself, aims to make the artistic and cultural heritage of a seventy-year career available to both the city of Florence, Zeffirelli’s birthplace, and internationally, to future generations.

The Fondazione’s archives include his works of drama, opera, ballet and film productions. Zeffirelli’s legacy is that of his outstanding capability in combining together artistic talent and the most careful diligence. In his productions he has not only worked as a theatre and film director but also as a set and costume designer, where imaginative freedom, thorough studies and deep attention to detail are essential to the creative process.

The LdM-Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli partnership results in new courses offered at LdM Florence in the field of the Performing Arts, which will give students the chance to delve into the magic and art of Theatre, studying its history and exploring from a privileged point of view the diverse professional paths originating from it.

Below you can find a list of the brand new courses:

Consult the current course schedules at this link for course offerings by session.